Best plugins for wordpress

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I am going to share some of the WordPress plugins we feel can greatly enhance your website ranking. So whether you’re a photographer, a small business owner or anyone wanting to increase ranking, I hope you learn about how these fantastic plugins can help your website and business.

1. WP Super Cache

plugins for wordpress - WP Super Cache-1

There are lots of cache plugins out there more advanced than this one. But I use this because it’s the simplest to use and was created by Automatic WordPress creates. This should help improve your sites speed that Google as openly state contributes to higher rankings.

2. SEO Friendly Images

plugins for wordpress - SEO Friendly Images

This is one many people overlook and could help give you that slight edge over your competitors. You will also notice an increase in ranking for those search for images. Also worth mentioning is that now Google displays more snippet rich search it is very likely your post image will rank 1st or 2nd on the main search results.

3. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

plugins for wordpress - Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Out of all the plugins, this is the only paid one that I recommended if you are at all about social traffic. Without going into too much detail, this is the must advance social sharing plugin.

4. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

plugins for wordpress - Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This is great for interlinking your content and also increase your users time on site, which is something Google looks at.