Getting Started Google AdSense

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Google’s AdSense support staff recently published a checklist to help those who are just getting started. The list was compiled to help e-tailers get their applications approved the first time around by avoiding common pitfalls seen again and again when registrants are reviewed, according to Google.

  • Web Site: To display Google ads, you need administrative access to the site you submit for AdSense in order to place Google’s JavaScript ad code on your site. Adding the Google code to your site’s source code will enable you to show ads, search boxes and referral units on your pages.
  • Valid payee name: Payments will be made out to the name on your account, so make sure to include your full and valid name, or that of your business, rather than just initials. If banks won’t accept the name you enter in the ‘Payee Name’ field, neither will Google.
  • Valid address: Please provide a complete valid address where you can receive mail. If you live in a country or territory that doesn’t have a standard format for addresses, please be sure that your application includes as much information as a mailman would need to find your residence.

Does my Web site meet all the necessary requirements?

  • Valid URL: If you manage an entire Web site, give the URL of your home page. If you manage a blog or other account within a larger Web site, you should provide the URL of the specific page that you manage and not the URL of the entire hosting Web site. Don’t forget to double-check your URL for typos.
  • Fully launched Web site: Google won’t be able to review sites that are not fully launched or built, so please ensure that your site is live and functioning at the time you submit your application.
  • Unique content: Google wants visitors to sites in the AdSense network to have an engaging experience, so please publish content that’s interesting and unique. Avoid using “doorway” pages created just for search engines, or other cookie cutter approaches such as affiliate programs with little or no original content. If you’re participating in an affiliate program, give people a reason to visit your site first.
  • Supported language: Google says it is constantly working to provide targeted, relevant ads in more languages. However, until then, Google can only approve your application if the majority of your Web site is in one of our supported languages.
  • Pay-To Sites: If your site participates in programs that compensate people to perform activities that drive traffic to you, Google can’t approve your application. Some examples of these “pay-to” programs are sites that encourage users “to click” or “to surf” or “to read e-mail.” In addition, you shouldn’t encourage others to join these programs in the content, links or third-party ads on your site.

Google also encourages you to read the program policies provided here in detail for further insight on how to create a successful application. Now that you have all the necessary information, you can apply here.